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Cocktails In The Wild West

It’s cocktail time after a long day of riding, fishing, or whatever you did on the ranch today and just waiting for the dinner bell to ring!

We tried to find the recipe for the “Trout Slayer” drink recently mentioned in the Yellowstone TV show, where Beth Dutton at the beginning of the scene, a man asks for a “Trout Slayer” drink and then proceeds to turn to Beth and asks: “Care for a Trout Slayer?, where she savagely roasts this guy.

Whether you are visiting a Dude Ranch or wherever you are going to enjoy a customized libation, we found some “real” cocktails that are ordered up at the bar  . .





Our first great cocktail is one that most American's aren't familiar with: The Cowboy Martini (aka The Cowboy Hoof). Beefeater gin is shaken vigorously with mint, sugar and orange bitters.
Created at Detroit, London, in the early 1990s. “In the West, cowboys drink martinis with mint in it.”

Cowboy Hoof Recipe

Yield: 1
Lightly sweetened gin shaken with fresh aromatic mint.
•5 Mint leaves
•75 ml Gin
•7.5 ml Sugar syrup 'rich' 2 sugar to 1 water
•2 Orange bitters

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