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Yoga + Horses

Take your yoga practice to new heights with these beautiful destinations with riding and unique yoga classes.  Whether you are more familiar with horseback riding or with yoga, you will be challenged by and find joy in one of these specialty weeks.

Experience well-rounded, flowing classes and work those muscles that are engaged when riding horses. The alignment one tries to achieve on the yoga mat is in line with the alignment one looks for in the saddle.

The goal is to utilize legs, arms, core and back in a different way, as well as to stretch the muscles most heavily used when riding. Both riders and non-riders will enjoy the full-body focus of the classes. 

This getaway will be also be a treat for your spiritual and physical well-being.  It’s time to get away from it all and enjoy a week to breathe, stretch and nurture yourself.

What could be better and all while taking in the tranquil surroundings, breathtaking views and spectacular sunset skies.


We found these yoga themed weeks in 2024:


July 7 - 14

July 15 - July 25

C LAZY U RANCH      Colorado

May 9 - May 12

DIAMOND 4 RANCH      Wyoming

Aug 29 - Sept 2


Apr 30 - May 7

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