For The Cowboys

The Wild West is the real deal, even a century later, cowboys, horses and sprawling ranches still exist across the American western landscape.  Perhaps, you’re a fan of old-school epic Western films, or maybe, you’ve binge-watched the highly addictive Yellowstone.

Whether you’re more of a John Wayne or John Dutton type, dude ranches are the perfect place to play cowboy for a few days with stunning scenic views by horseback, world-class fly fishing, a cattle drive or archery & hunting.


Many ranches also offer horsemanship clinics to help you become a more complete rider.  You will ride some rugged terrain, cover some very tough miles and perform some extremely refined horsemanship maneuvers that require lightness and balance, note most ranches only take riders under 220 lbs.  

McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch     Montana
Guests can come out to the ranch with the priority of advancing their horsemanship in a working ranch setting, the Buck Brannaman way.  You will learn all about the Buck Brannaman style of horsemanship - riding will be your main focus with a strong emphasis on horsemanship.

10-day working ranch programs in 2022:

September 10 – September 21    
October 1 – October 12
November 5 – 16


Hidden Hollow Hideaway Cattle & Guest Ranch   Montana

This honest-to-goodness summer vacation ranch and hunting operation hosts only a limited number of guests (average 3-7) with an open, flexible daily schedule.

You’ll ride throughout cowboy county by horseback in the months of May-September or guided archery & rifle hunts from September to November.  

2022 Hunting Trip Dates HERE

Here are some great picks to experience your Best Cowboy Life in 2022: