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Riding horses (and life in general) can inevitably cause some wear and tear on your body, and yes, your tush!

These seat savers will soon become your new best friend while hitting the trails!


We’re going to take a look at a few different options to help keep you a little more comfortable while riding as you are about ready to embark on your horse and most likely assigned to a new buddy during your stay.

Take advantage of this piece of comfort gear for extra-cushioning plus reduce jarring to your lower back by simply placing it on top of your saddle (It will not damage the saddle and attaches easily with elastic straps.)  Some Dude ranches actually may have a couple saddle seat pads you can use, or you can bring your own.


For western saddles used at dude ranches, you can chose between a gel, foam, or sheepskin seat cover.  A fleece cover will also become a “seat warmer” when you ride on chilly days.










For those avid riders, this is a game-changer for days of crazy long fun rides.

Plan B could always be wearing padded biking shorts under your jeans!


For English riders, there are lots of choices for those that do some long countryside cantering!

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