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Dubbed the cowboy-cation, this kind of trip is appealing for many reasons and just might be the most surprising travel trend this year.

Some ranches are quite luxurious, with guests dressing for dinner and indulging in local wines. Others are more simplistic affairs, offering a down home way to unplug and reconnect with nature.

The dude ranch is a symbol of true cowboy (or cowgirl) culture, an Americana escape perfect for you and your besties. We’re talking about the kind of ranch with perks like spa treatments, scrumptious cuisine, wine tastings and mares ready to be ridden into the sunset. 

Though horseback riding is the main attraction at most guest ranches, you'll also enjoy a wide slate of additional activities to keep non-equestrians busy, from fishing, biking to hiking and white water rafting to roasting marshmallows around the campfire. 


What’s a Cowboy-Cation? 

Rustic getaways are on the rise as travelers crave a western experience with abundant space and exhilarating mountains and landscapes.


These vacation resorts hosted and inspired famed Hollywood stars such as Gary Cooper and Elvis, as well as renowned author Ernest Hemingway. 


As travelers continue to lean towards remote, domestic trips, dude ranches make for a particularly compelling choice.  


Why The Interest In Cowboy-Cations?


It’s likely that the popular TV show Yellowstone is the reason. With its stunning scenery and beautiful backdrops, Yellowstone seems to be enticing viewers to come and see for themselves the wide open spaces of the American West. 


There are many reasons that Yellowstone’s cowboy-cation is taking over, but a lot comes down to location and cost. While shows such as Emily In Paris and The White Lotus might inspire a trip abroad, Yellowstone fans don’t need to venture so far.

While a number of states can give you the cowboy-cation you are seeking, there are a few standout stars. The options for your 2024 cowboy-cation are seemingly endless. The only thing you need to decide is where you want to hang your hat. 


We have broken down some “specialty” weeks that might also combine your ranch experience with art, yoga, photography, all the way to horse or cattle sorting, no matter what, there really is something for everyone.

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