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Montana Trails:  A Summer in the Saddle

Exploring on horseback is incredibly thrilling, with a steady and enjoyable pace, the rhythm of the horse, the scenic trails and the awe-inspiring mountain vistas truly making this trip unique.

A Look inside Our Travel Magazine

Scotland Callin'

For many, returning to the ranch has become a cherished tradition, and each year brings a sense of warmth, incredible food, adventurous riding, excellent hospitality, and the company of friendly people.

I embarked on an extraordinary journey during the last week of August 2023 with an exclusive week of riding at Elkhorn Ranch in Montana. 


For most of us, we arrived at the dude ranch for our week-long adventure as strangers but within just a few days it felt as if we had known each other for many years, the conversations were easy, jovial chatter, each one of us eagerly anticipating what each fun day lay ahead.


Waking up to find that someone came into your cabin early to light the fireplace in your cabin, ensuring it’s cozy warm by the time you rise is a rare treat.  And being greeted each morning at breakfast by genuine smiles as fluffy pancakes and steaming coffee are served adds an extra layer of comfort to each day.


One of the highlights for me was fulfilling a bucket list trail destination to Monument Mountain, the tallest mountain in the area.  The journey was long but rewarding, and as the sun began to set, we arrived at a chuckwagon dinner to satisfy our appetites, feeling as though we had conquered a marathon.

Caught a BIG one!

There's more than riding at the ranch - - one of the guests, Vicky, did a little fly fishing with Jack, their fly fishing expert guide!

Final Night Dinner

Our final night was filled with laughter and camaraderie, as the lighter for my cabin fireplace unexpectedly became the evening’s entertainer, much to the delight of everyone present. 

Reflecting on the week, I can’t help but feel elated, knowing it was one of the best dude ranch experiences I’ve ever had.


In that saying, that is why my experiences at a dude ranch have inspired me to encourage others to consider embarking on their own ranch getaway.



Goodbyes to new friends

 Such a wonderful group of truly special horse people - -  from the US - North & South Carolina, Arizona, California, Utah, Massachusetts, Minnesota & the UK.

Elkhorn Ranch is located one mile North of Yellowstone National Park & surrounded by the Gallatin National Forest and the Lee Metcalf Wilderness of Montana.

It's so rich in history, the creation of founders Ernest and Grace Miller as newlyweds in 1922, acquired the homestead on Sage Creek that would begin to form Elkhorn Ranch as it is today.

Among those returning guests were Minxie & Dwight Minton, both second-generation Elkhorn guests who decided to purchase the Montana Elkhorn from the Miller-Hymas family in 1987. 

In 1946, Grace and Ernest opened a second Elkhorn Ranch in Arizona to provide a top-notch dude ranch experience year-round.  Today the Elkhorn is managed by General Managers, Spencer & Casey Clark. Mariah McGuiness is a third generation Barn Foreman at the ranch. Grace and Ernest's granddaughter, Linda Miller, who managed the ranch for over 30 years, is still at Elkhorn enjoying her retirement and running the Kid's program.

Elkhorn Ranch is an all-inclusive ranch vacation, very family-oriented, with guests of all ages enjoying time with their friends, new & old. The Elkhorn is well-known for delicious meals and private, comfortable western cabin accommodations.

Apart from offering half & full day horseback rides catering to riders of all skill levels, guests have the option to engage in fly fishing, whitewater rafting and hiking activities.



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