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Avid Riding at Elkhorn Ranch

“Avid Riders Week” at Elkhorn Ranch outside Bozeman, Montana has become a coveted guest week that sells out the minute they announce it. I was so fortunate after google searching for my next riding trip to find this and nab a spot!

The beauty of Elkhorn Ranch is that it offers guests an old-school, down-home experience -- and they just celebrate their 100th year history in 2022!

The Avid Rider's week is a roundup of a small group of experienced riders of varying disciplines to come together and explore over one million acres of National Forest, USFS Wilderness, and Yellowstone National Park. Every day is a bold, new adventure on horses that are all well-mannered, athletic, and smart mountain horses, and reassuring that the wranglers take extra care for safety precautions. We would have a pack mule with us carrying necessary trail tools, just in case our trails may be blocked and ended up becoming an essential part of our journey back to the ranch, yes, folks, we were in the saddle 10 hours that day!

This was by far the most authentic western ranch stay, steep with tradition and history but with modern, yet rustic, comfort. Elkhorn Ranch, just 15 miles south of Big Sky, and slightly north of Yellowstone was the setting for one of my most memorable vacations to date and jump-started my quest for MORE riding vacation trips.

It was the BEST riding along the Montana wilderness, the best fellow travelers, ranch owners, staff, chef & overall, I “tingle” when I think about it.

We had so much fun and one of our “avid riders” was Ellen Bookman, an incredibly special lady indeed, and she made a little video about our great adventure . . .

The accommodations are comfortable and cozy in my own cabin! The Elkhorn family is a wonderful group of people and their spirit, warmth, and enthusiasm are a big part of why guests come back year after year. They have a fantastic family and kids program as well.

I will be returning to their 2023 Avid Rider’s trip again this August!


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