Scotland by Horseback

What it is like exploring such a beautiful destination by horseback.

I set my eyes on European riding and since I love castles and love riding, so how can I not go on a combination of both in Scotland!

The stay and magnificence of Thirlestane Castle was truly magical, a little “Downton Abbey” in a way and dining in their historical state drawing room, after being led up the stairs by a bagpiper, was so awe inspiring!

The riding along the moors in brisk, clear skies on majestic Scottish draft horses was a nail biter for me - - but absolutely loved it! It was thrilling, risky, crazy and meaningful all wrapped up into one big package.

The tour company owner and associate were actually on this trip with a wonderful group of truly special horse women from the US - New Mexico, Chicago, Maine, New Jersey and the UK - Isle of Mann, Oxfordshire, New Zealand & Scotland, which was a one-of-a-kind cultural experience to have new friends around the globe.