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Off To The Desert!

Most may have ridden among the Aspens in Colorado or meadows of Montana and may have overlooked a whole new landscape of beautiful trails ahead – The Saguaro, and some have quite a personality! These desert giants blossom as the state's wildflower of Arizona -- you won’t want your legs to scrape along one of these guys along the trail!


Experience Arizona's Western landscape as it was meant to be seen—from atop a horse. Leave your plugged-in life behind for the quiet of Arizona's wide-open spaces and warm, laid-back hospitality at one of the state's all-inclusive dude ranches, White Stallion Ranch.

Arizona weather allows year-round outdoor adventure cradled by mountain ranges and bathed in sunshine, the Sonoran Desert calls out to you. 


White Stallion Ranch has been the home of the True family for over 50 years and helps guests reconnect with serenity, family, friends, and nature in unspoiled desert and rugged mountains.


This dude ranch offers horseback riding, e-biking, hiking, shooting range, and rock climbing on property PLUS offer massages. For novice riders, you will be made completely comfortable and safe and can choose from their daily specialty rides, the breakfast ride was wonderful, riding out to an outpost where our breakfasts were beautifully cooked and then riding back to the Ranch.





Jan 14 –  Jan 21, 2024

Feb 24 – Mar 2, 2024

Apr 14 – Apr 20, 2024


White Stallion Ranch

 9251 W. Twin Peaks Rd.,

Tucson, AZ


The ranch is matched by the warm, welcoming atmosphere and incredible attitude of everyone who works there. One would feel like you have entered into your family living room, guests know each other from repetitive visits, I understand why people return year after year - some have been returning for decades - - quite a credible international presence and all set on an exquisite, classy ranch.


The food is delicious and plentiful - - the honor bar has a mountain view patio, fire pits, and a nice selection of fine wines, spirits, and imported and domestic wines and spirits.


Whether you are a solo traveler, friends, couples or families, this will turn out to be the perfect destination.  It’s great meeting people from all over the world & sharing a love for keeping the Old West alive!  You too will be planning your next trip back before you leave . .

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